How to repair concrete walls?

Concrete is used widely for constructing walls of buildings, homes, and many other large structures. Concrete is extremely strong and sturdy and durable too. Walls made out of concrete promise the ultimate safety and security to the building owners and continue to stand there for many years to come.

Concrete is a low-maintenance, long lasting construction material. But cracks in concrete walls are not uncommon. Concrete is primarily made up of cement, gravel, sand, and water. When the water evaporates from the slurry, the left over ingredients transform in to a hard slab. Settlement of the remaining ingredients, hydraulic pressure, poor installation, and even geological movement can cause cracks to form in concrete walls. Cracks leap out on the walls-affecting not only the resilience and strength of concrete but also its visual appearance.

Cracks in concrete walls are easy to repair. You must examine the wall carefully and identify all the possible cracks. If the cracks are small, they can be repaired easily. But for larger cracks, you may need to hire a professional contractor who can carry the job efficiently.

When you are examining the cracks in your concrete wall, you must also consider the condition of the wall. If the wall is solid and relatively new and has only a few minor cracks, the repair process will be quick. But if the wall is beginning to crumble down with extensive damage, repair work can take some time.

If you notice any loose mortar in the concrete wall which could possibly be there because of the crack, you must first remove that. Make use of a screwdriver and a hammer to gently tap off the loose particles.

Now begin with the repair work. It would be good to procure yourself with a good concrete wall repair kit. Such kits are readily available in the market. All you would need to do is fill in the cracks with the contents of the kit. Most such kits come with a tube containing epoxy. If you would follow the instructions given on the concrete crack repair kit, you won’t face any difficulty in carrying the repair work.

Just make sure that you do not fill in too much of epoxy in the crack as it would flow out from the repaired area and would stick to the wall. When you have filled the epoxy in the crack, you must smooth out that area with a putty knife or a trowel. After that, allow that to dry completely. Your cracks would be repaired and the wall would stand there looking as beautiful as it was when it was constructed.

In case you notice that the cracks are widening even after the repair work, you must not delay in calling up the professional concrete repair company. They would evaluate the cracks and would find out the exact cause of the cracks in the concrete wall. Plus, concrete repair professionals have the right equipment to accomplish to do concrete cutting in Melbourne as well as experienced workers who can repair your concrete wall quickly and efficiently.


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