All you wanted to know about polished concrete

Polished concrete is a special kind of concrete that is created through the process of mechanical grinding & polishing of standard concrete. The process makes use of industrial grade diamonds for grinding the concrete surface, impregnating hardeners and sealers in to the concrete, and finally polishing and sealing the floor from within.

Polished concrete can be bought to immediate use after finishing the polishing work. There is no need to wax or strip the floor.

Polished concrete is extremely beautiful to look and is quite often confused as marble due to its smooth surface and shine. The aesthetic appearance of polished concrete makes it a popular flooring option in homes and buildings.

The cleanliness of polished concrete and the absence of toxic substances makes polished concrete ideal flooring solution for food industry and pharmaceutical industries that require very high standard of flooring.

Polished concrete floors boast of increased ambient lighting which not only helps enhance the beauty of the floor, but also helps reduce the need and cost of lighting inside homes and offices where this special type of flooring is used. And to cut the concrete various concrete cutting equipments are required like concrete core drill.

Polished concrete requires low maintenance, helps eliminate tire marks from industrial type vehicles, saves energy and is extremely durable and long lasting. These facts make polished concrete one of the best flooring option out there.

Opt for this beautiful, cost effective flooring system and transform the interiors of your home or office.


Interesting facts about concrete

Most of us think about concrete as an unattractive, ugly looking construction material. But it is actually an amazing material that is being used largely these days in residential and commercial constructions.

Here are some interesting facts about concrete that will change you perception about it.

Concrete is popularly called as cement but the truth is that cement is only a part of the whole composition of concrete. Concrete is made up of sand, cement, aggregate and water and other additives. Cement acts as adhesive and holds everything else in place.

Concrete is a man-made material and for cutting concrete, strong concrete cutter is needed. It is one of the most commonly used man made materials on the planet. According to stats, approximately 6 billion cubic meters of concrete is made and consumed every year.

Concrete is available in many styles, designs, and colours. Coloured concrete is being used increasingly these days for making driveways, patios, and other beautiful elements in homes and buildings.

Concrete is extremely hard and durable which makes it ideal to be used in construction of highways, dams, and bridges.

China has recently finished the construction of the largest dam in the world. The dam is made out of concrete. China consumes 40% of the concrete produced in the world. Many other developing nations and cities across the world are using concrete in developing their infrastructure projects.

Concrete and wood are real enemies. Concrete is caustic in nature and therefore attacks wood and destroys it completely.