A Brief Introduction to Drilling and Hand Sawing What is drilling?

Drilling is an important process for plumbing, mechanical and electrical and many other applications. Here, core drilling process is a more appropriate way of getting all your plumbing, electrical & mechanical services in their correct positions the first time, reducing the risk of errors when trying to pointing locations through suspended pre cast concrete walls and concrete floors, before they are placed rightly. Drill sizes appear in variations to meet the diverse requirements around 12mm to 1 m in diameter.

Hand Sawing
Hand sawing is an ideal option for carrying out smaller projects. These projects can include door penetrations through brick, cutting window or concrete not more than 150mm thick. It is a very economical solution in case of emergencies where a big crane can not continue because of small section of concrete obstructing location of steel work or concrete panel hence, ensuring the construction project to run smoothly & within the budget. This further makes hand sawing process ideal for any construction project facing any type of down time issues that can be fixed immediately and efficiently.


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