Knowing about Concrete Cutting

Many times there is a need for concrete cutting. However, before proceeding, you must know what concrete cutting is all about and what is it used for?

What is concrete cutting?

Concrete cutting, is typically the cutting of concrete to carry out different purposes. Concrete cutting involves cutting off the concrete into small chunks and made them ready for removal, trimming expansion joints into the concrete for avoiding cracks due to fluctuating weather conditions, or reducing the shape and size of a piece of concrete.

There are plenty of machinery equipment used for trimming the concrete ranging from floor saws, road saws, wet saws, hand saws and chain saws. The saws appear in several blades of different sizes. This ensures that the concrete can be trimmed even in the hardest of situations.

Remember, concrete cutting is a difficult task that may cause you serious damage if not performed properly. Thus, it is important that you carry out the process under the supervision of insured and experienced professionals. It is wise not to cut the concrete yourself without proper guidance or get in touch with a well-known concrete cutting service provider. Browse the Internet and look for the professional concrete cutting service providers.


A Brief Introduction to Drilling and Hand Sawing What is drilling?

Drilling is an important process for plumbing, mechanical and electrical and many other applications. Here, core drilling process is a more appropriate way of getting all your plumbing, electrical & mechanical services in their correct positions the first time, reducing the risk of errors when trying to pointing locations through suspended pre cast concrete walls and concrete floors, before they are placed rightly. Drill sizes appear in variations to meet the diverse requirements around 12mm to 1 m in diameter.

Hand Sawing
Hand sawing is an ideal option for carrying out smaller projects. These projects can include door penetrations through brick, cutting window or concrete not more than 150mm thick. It is a very economical solution in case of emergencies where a big crane can not continue because of small section of concrete obstructing location of steel work or concrete panel hence, ensuring the construction project to run smoothly & within the budget. This further makes hand sawing process ideal for any construction project facing any type of down time issues that can be fixed immediately and efficiently.

Interesting ideas for sprucing up your property with concrete

Want to spruce up your property without incurring a lot of expense? Make use of concrete as it is quite cheap and can be used in practically so many ways to enhance the overall look and feel of your home with the help of Concrete Cutting services in Melbourne.

  • Create a beautiful patio area in your backyard with concrete. A backyard patio ensures that the area doesn’t get wet and soggy when it rains and lets you, your kids, and pet enter the home in neat and clean shoes and paws. Concrete patio is easy to maintain. You can place some patio furniture to create that perfect dream backyard patio in your home.
  • Use concrete for paving your garden and outdoor area. Paved surfaces not only lend a neat and clean look to the outdoor space, but also make the area safer to walk especially during rains. Incidences of slips and falls can be reduced to a great extent if you pave your outside area with concrete stones or concrete pavers.
  • Then another brilliant idea for sprucing up your home is to make a concrete driveway. You can make use of coloured concrete and can mix and match concrete available in different shapes to create impressive design in your driveway.
  • Pool decks look simply great. They help transform outdoor living space, making it the perfect spot for relaxing and entertainment. Decking also helps improve the safety around the pool area. The rough texture of concrete makes the area around the pool less slippery.
  • You may construct concrete walls around your house or poles and posts outside your house. Concrete walls look beautiful and concrete posts and poles add a neat and organised look to your property. You can also enhance the security of your home by building concrete walls and posts.

Search the web for interesting design ideas on concrete pool decks, patio, and garden pavements and give a completely new look to your home.

Tips for selecting the right industrial floor coating

Concrete flooring and cutting in Melbourne is strong and durable, but it is not indestructible. There are many things that can harm concrete flooring, making it look ugly and unattractive. You need to apply a good industrial floor coating to protect your concrete flooring from physical damage, stains, marks, paints and other substances.

You may use the tips shared below to select the right industrial floor coating:

Decide the purpose of using the industrial floor coating. Do you wish to apply the floor coating for repair and protection, or for improving the quality and performance of your concrete flooring?

There are many different types of industrial floor coating that repair damaged surfaces, and offer protection from chemical spills, physical loads, and abrasive impacts. Then there are special industrial floor coatings that help improve the strength and resilience of the concrete flooring and ensure that they last for considerably longer period of time.

In case you wish to beautify a drab looking concrete floor, you can achieve the same with the help of industrial floor coating. There are floor coatings that transform the mundane looking concrete floors and make them look attractive and impressive.

Know your budget. Decide how much you can afford to spend on concrete coatings for floor repair or floor make-over. In case the cost of applying a particular industrial floor coating for floor repairs is more than the cost of changing the damaged flooring, you should better explore other options. Since floor coatings come in a huge variety you can find the one that fits within your budget and project requirements.

Choose the right industrial floor coating and add life, strength, and beauty to your concrete flooring.

All you wanted to know about polished concrete

Polished concrete is a special kind of concrete that is created through the process of mechanical grinding & polishing of standard concrete. The process makes use of industrial grade diamonds for grinding the concrete surface, impregnating hardeners and sealers in to the concrete, and finally polishing and sealing the floor from within.

Polished concrete can be bought to immediate use after finishing the polishing work. There is no need to wax or strip the floor.

Polished concrete is extremely beautiful to look and is quite often confused as marble due to its smooth surface and shine. The aesthetic appearance of polished concrete makes it a popular flooring option in homes and buildings.

The cleanliness of polished concrete and the absence of toxic substances makes polished concrete ideal flooring solution for food industry and pharmaceutical industries that require very high standard of flooring.

Polished concrete floors boast of increased ambient lighting which not only helps enhance the beauty of the floor, but also helps reduce the need and cost of lighting inside homes and offices where this special type of flooring is used. And to cut the concrete various concrete cutting equipments are required like concrete core drill.

Polished concrete requires low maintenance, helps eliminate tire marks from industrial type vehicles, saves energy and is extremely durable and long lasting. These facts make polished concrete one of the best flooring option out there.

Opt for this beautiful, cost effective flooring system and transform the interiors of your home or office.

Interesting facts about concrete

Most of us think about concrete as an unattractive, ugly looking construction material. But it is actually an amazing material that is being used largely these days in residential and commercial constructions.

Here are some interesting facts about concrete that will change you perception about it.

Concrete is popularly called as cement but the truth is that cement is only a part of the whole composition of concrete. Concrete is made up of sand, cement, aggregate and water and other additives. Cement acts as adhesive and holds everything else in place.

Concrete is a man-made material and for cutting concrete, strong concrete cutter is needed. It is one of the most commonly used man made materials on the planet. According to stats, approximately 6 billion cubic meters of concrete is made and consumed every year.

Concrete is available in many styles, designs, and colours. Coloured concrete is being used increasingly these days for making driveways, patios, and other beautiful elements in homes and buildings.

Concrete is extremely hard and durable which makes it ideal to be used in construction of highways, dams, and bridges.

China has recently finished the construction of the largest dam in the world. The dam is made out of concrete. China consumes 40% of the concrete produced in the world. Many other developing nations and cities across the world are using concrete in developing their infrastructure projects.

Concrete and wood are real enemies. Concrete is caustic in nature and therefore attacks wood and destroys it completely.

Tips to Remember While Using Wet Grinders for Concrete Countertops

Your concrete countertops are generally ground and polished wet using a professional diamond grinder. Follow the following tips to use a wet grinder or polisher quite effectively:

Tip #1
You have to keep the surface even: Avoid using a wet grinder such as the high-speed metal grinder. While using wet concrete grinders, press the whole face of the grinding disc or wheel evenly against your concrete surface. In this way, the disc will work evenly and the concrete will not be gouged. Care has to taken as if you are grinding with just the outer edge of the disc touching the concrete, it will wear out the rim of the disc thus creating crescent shaped gouges in your concrete surface.

Tip #2
Avoid using too much pressure: Just remember that grinding with diamonds does not require much pressure. Apply just that much pressure suffice to hold the grinding disc flat against the concrete countertops. If the disc will spin fast, then it will grind faster.

Tip #3
Using the right amount of water: Plenty of water is require by diamonds to cool the disc as well as to flush cuttings away. Too much water will cause a mess, similarly too little causes excessive tooling wear.